Stan Gordon Unveils Historical Spooky Stories.
     The Halloween season does have some special meaning to me due to the fact that I was born on October 30th. It was on my tenth birthday in 1959 when I was suddenly drawn into the world of the strange and unusual. My parents had given my a “spiffy” new AM radio as a birthday gift. That evening as I spun across the radio dial, there was much talk 
about mysterious things that went bump in the night, and quite often, in daylight as well.
    Those people on the radio were claiming that those weird accounts had actually happened. There was discussions about ghostly figures, strange creatures, and even flying saucers. 
I was a very curious youngster, and after hearing these radio programs, I began to make many trips to the Greensburg library to read whatever publications they had on these strange, but interesting topics.
    I was young and open minded, but in time I realized that many of these strange encounters could be rationally explained. There would however, be many odd cases that I would become involved with over the years, which could not be easily dismissed. During the late 1960’s when I was a student at Greensburg Salem High School, I heard many strange tales from my fellow students, about incidents which they or their family members had reportedly experienced.
    There were stories from that period of time, which concerned strange happenings that had allegedly occurred near Livermore Cemetery. One of the accounts from back in those days concerned teenagers that frequently parked in those spooky remote locations in that area. The teens on occasion, reportedly saw what they thought was a gorilla emerging from the woods and throwing rocks at their cars. In the years to follow, there would be many Bigfoot sightings reported from that same general area.
    There was also another event that spooked a lot of people in the late 1960’s while I was still in high school. People traveling near Scottdale swore they saw a werewolf with fangs running near their cars. To top that off, other locals from that same area said they saw a tall dark figure carrying a coffin with a body in it crossing some back roadways. The local citizenry were taking these sightings of the undead quite seriously after several days of such encounters. The word went out that a group of armed vigilantes were gathering from local communities to hunt down the critters.
    There was word circulating around my high school that some of the students were going to join the searchers that day. Just before the hunting party got underway, local authorities announced that they had arrested the local demons. A group of area teenagers had admitted to the pranks, and all went back to normal around Scottdale.
    I am unable to access my old records at this time, but as memory serves me, also in the 1960’s, there were some ghostly happenings occurring on Route 30 at the Pleasant Unity intersection. There were tales from motorists passing through that area, that an old woman would suddenly appear sitting in the back seat of their cars. When the driver turned around to look at her, the apparition would just vanish.
    It is almost 48 years that I have been involved in researching and investigating thousands of strange and unusual happenings from across Pennsylvania. There have been countless oddities reported from across Westmoreland County as well during those years. Reports of UFO sightings, Bigfoot and other strange creature encounters, and many types of mysterious events occur all year round in all types of weather conditions. The Halloween season has no direct bearing on anomalistic accounts, but many very strange cases have occurred during October.

1. Kecksburg UFO Crash, 1965
The most famous mysterious event which occurred in Westmoreland County is, of course, the December 9, 1965, Kecksburg UFO crash case. Nearly 42 years later, questions still remain as to the origin of the strange metallic acorn shaped object which fell that afternoon. There is worldwide interest about this case, with many asking the question as to what was so important in the woods that the military responded to Kecksburg that day to search for the object.

2. Strange Lights, Falling Material, 1972
During April and May of 1972, there were reports of glowing orange lights in the sky, and in some cases, several lights were seen moving in a formation in some parts of the county. At times, witnesses observed some type of material falling from the lights as they passed overhead. My team of investigators who responded to these locations found samples of an odd metallic material, the origin of which has never been resolved.

3. Bigfoot Outbreak, 1973
The 1973 outbreak of Bigfoot sightings which focused on Westmoreland County and neighboring areas was unprecedented. Sightings of these large hairy, generally man-like hairy creatures went on for months. Many creature encounters were in daylight and at close range. During this period of activity, some of the few well documented cases where a UFO and Bigfoot were observed at the same time and place occurred. Strange three toed footprints showed up in various locations. Watch for my upcoming book for details about this amazing series of mysterious events.
4. Derry UFO Hovers, 1983
On August 30, 1983, A businessman was traveling in his vehicle towards Derry. Suddenly he noticed numerous amber lights about 40 feet above the roof top. He soon realized that he was underneath a huge round object which was battleship gray in color. The object made a loud whoop-whoop sound, and the witness said he felt claustrophobic from being under the huge object.

5. Greengate Mall UFO, 1987
On September 3, 1987, a UFO sighting occurred near Route 30 and the old Greengate Mall. Numerous witnesses observed a huge cigar shaped object with many colored lights move over the area. The sight of the object was strange enough, but when the object turned vertical in the sky, all of the power in the immediate area suddenly went out for several seconds.

6. Derry Bigfoot Sighting, 2002
In September, 2002, during the afternoon, a woman was driving through a heavily wooded area in Derry Township. She was talking to her husband on the cell phone when suddenly she heard some noise from the woods. Her first thought was that it was a deer approaching so she slowed down. Emerging from the woods about 140 feet away, was an 8 feet tall, hairy man-like creature with very long arms.
The creature had a very long stride and quickly walked across an open field. The woman began to cry as she described to her husband what she was seeing. When the Bigfoot got to the barbed wire fence at the end of the field, it just stepped over it and continued on. I measured the top of the fence, which was 44 inches off the ground.

- Be sure to visit my website at where you can view the picture of the UFO which was taken near Youngwood in January of  2007. It doesn’t have to be Halloween season, strange events do indeed occur all year long.

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The Local Lore.
By Stan Gordon File: #001 August, 2007